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Co-Founder at Half Ashed
A cigar enthusiast since 1994, I strayed into deeper involvement with the tobacco industry just before founding The Cigarmy blog in 2011.  This preoccupation grew once more when I co-founded Half Ashed with Craig Schneider in February 2013.  With the consolidation of The Cigarmy and Half Ashed in late 2014, you can now read my cigar reviews, news and editorial commentary here - and catch me live on every episode of the Half Ashed Cigar Podcast.

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  1. @LoganAtDell says

    Love the review. Just purchased one myself and am excited to try it. I am interested in your note about how the cigar was dry and didn’t get your saliva glands working. Also, I am the same why and hate cigars which have crooked burns.

  2. CigArmy - Kip says

    Logan…I’ve heard that how dry/wet your mouth is during a smoke is related to the pH of the smoke itself – wetter=more acidic/dryer=more alkaline. I have absolutely nothing to back that up, though…just overheard in the typical cigar shop chatter. It’d be interesting to know for sure how that works.

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