Kip Fisher

Co-Founder at Half Ashed
A cigar enthusiast since 1994, I strayed into deeper involvement with the tobacco industry just before founding The Cigarmy blog in 2011.  This preoccupation grew once more when I co-founded Half Ashed with Craig Schneider in February 2013.  With the consolidation of The Cigarmy and Half Ashed in late 2014, you can now read my cigar reviews, news and editorial commentary here - and catch me live on every episode of the Half Ashed Cigar Podcast.

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  1. Bigpete says

    why is everyone going for these pressed cigars we got Lou Rodriguez Cigars , Ortega serie d and now these and several others…i wonder if they do market research if this is popular… all i know is id prefer a normal round stick that tastes good and (i think) this press distracts from that, ive asked alot of people which they would prefer and the crowd i hang with all have said similar things that the press looks good and cigar tastes good but if it was available in a normal shape and the pressed shape they would go for the normal shape 90% of the time….like the cigar in youre blog kip it looks awfully like a serie d …same rollers different blend (?)….just interesting how they come up with some of these things….pete

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