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A cigar enthusiast since 1994, I strayed into deeper involvement with the tobacco industry just before founding The Cigarmy blog in 2011.  This preoccupation grew once more when I co-founded Half Ashed with Craig Schneider in February 2013.  With the consolidation of The Cigarmy and Half Ashed in late 2014, you can now read my cigar reviews, news and editorial commentary here - and catch me live on every episode of the Half Ashed Cigar Podcast.

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  1. Dan Martin says

    Excellent review! I wholeheartedly agree, not only the best “house” cigar I have ever had, but have found myself preferring this over most of the others in my very well stocked humidor!

  2. Salomon says

    Hi guys,
    I hope to try this cigar next week, Im from Mexico City and hopefully I will have the chance to get one next week. But let me say something… If the cigar has at least half of the passion, spark, and taste embed of the two owners, Miguel and Ana Cuenca, it should be an extraordinary cigar. I have the enormous pleasure to know both of them and the store from the beginning and i just can say incredible things. I have had the opportunity to know a lot of cigar stores and lounges around the world, been this my favorite. They are warm and incredible friends with an impecable taste and knowledge in tobacco. Some could think that my words aren´t the purpose of a cigar review, buy I truly think that in cigar making, like in food, the people leaves a piece of them when it is made with passion. I cant wait to try it and if you let me, I will write the most objective review of the cigar as soon as I smoke it, but I could not pass the opportunity to sincerely recommend the store at any serious cigar smoker visiting Florida. Miguel and Ana, keep doing the great work in the cigar business, and guys, if you permit me, I will post my opinion of the cigar soon. Thanks, and Im sorry if this was not the space to write this words, buy I just couldnt pass the chance.
    Best regards to all,

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