Half Ashed Episode 061: Kelner


This week, we’re smoking a cigar that we’ve each had at different times in the past….and one that isn’t marketed (at least not here in the U.S.).  It’s a cigar produced by Henke Kelner and son in the Dominican Republic.  There is quite a bit of speculation as to how many/when these were produced, as well as their availability.  In any event, I brought a few back from my most recent trip to Santiago.  Tune in to see how they smoked! I also wanted to take a moment, both during the show and in print as well, and welcome any and all of you to use our forum.  If you listen to this week’s show, you’ll find out there is a giveaway coming up for … Continue reading

Half Ashed Episode 060: 2013 Oliva Serie V Maduro

The End Oliva Serie V Maduro

It has come to an end….well, not the entire show; just our vertical tasting of all six as-yet released Oliva Serie V Maduro.  This week, we’re smoking the 2013 edition, and wrapping up with a summary of our takes on all six releases.  In the news, we kicked around a few topics, including stories from Cigar aficionado (a very interesting item on 2013 US cigar imports), a new blog entry from Frank Herrera, La Palina, Flor de Gonzalez, and Tatuaje.  Legislatively, we had some good news from Florida.  We covered what we’ve been smoking this week as always, and wrapped up with some final thoughts about all six Oliva Serie V Maduro releases that we’ve been smoking as our first formalized vertical tasting. Next week, … Continue reading

Half Ashed Episode 059: Anejo & Undercrown Dogma


Welcome to Episode 059 of Half Ashed.  This week is a wildc*rd show….meaning, we had no planned Cigar of the Week.  So, Craig is smoking a Fuente Anejo 46, and I happen to be smoking the new Undercrown Dogma – a special release from Drew Estate celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the Cigar Dojo App.  We have lots to say about these two fine cigars, as well as news from My Father, K.A. Kendall, RoMaCraft, and EP Carrillo.  Additionally, we cover what we’ve been smoking this week – with one very special cigar in there from me.  Finally, we hit a rabbit trail or two about what else we’ve had going on this week. As a sidenote, I wanted to really thank the guys who … Continue reading

Half Ashed Episode 058: Unbanded #013

new retouched ha logo

Hello again and welcome to Episode 058 of Half Ashed.  This week, we’re smoking an Unbanded – #013, supplied by Jacob Pinkas.  We had quite a big of technical difficulties, but I have edited as much of those snafus out as possible.  Please forgive that.  In cigar news, we talked over items from Skip Martin, Eddie Ortega, Miami Cigar/Viva Republic, Blessed Leaf, Paul Stulac, and Tatuaje.  We also kicked around one legislative story.  We also covered what we’ve been smoking, and some listener comments.  So kick back with a cigar and join us.  Thanks for listening! Next week, our Cigar of the Week has yet to be determined.  As always, we’re constantly looking for suggestions about potential Cigars of the Week, and Unbanded cigars.  So … Continue reading

Half Ashed Episode 057: Oliva Serie V Maduro 2012

Oliva Serie V Maduro

Welcome to Part 3 of our Oliva Serie V Maduro vertical tasting.  Tonight, we’re smoking the 2012 edition of this fine series.  Here’s a brief synopsis of the show…. In the news, we covered items from Quesada, Epicurean Cigars, Tarazona Cigars, GAR, Tatuaje, and an interesting legislative flop in Utah found in the Salt Lake Tribune.  As usual, we talked about what we’ve been smoking this week and a few random rabbit trails.  Join us for all the cigar talk and silliness we can muster! Next week, we will be smoking something TBA…..we still haven’t traded cigars for this segment’s upcoming shows.  We will be wrapping up this vertical tasting as soon as I get the 2013′s up to Craig :).  As always, we’re constantly … Continue reading