Half Ashed Episode 078: Special Dogwatch Guests 1 of 2

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Good afternoon, folks.  Welcome back to another episode of Half Ashed.  This week, Kip was in Tennessee to attend a family funeral – so our buddy Bob McDuffee (of Dogwatch Cigar Radio fame) sat in with Craig.  The two of them covered a few news items, including stories from La Flor Dominicana, Cohiba, JC Newman and the FDA. They also covered a full run-down of Bob’s opinion of the state of the industry with regard to IPCPR as an organization.  You’ll definitely want to check in for that.  Of course, they talked a bit about what they’ve been smoking as well. **It should be noted that they had a bit of a technical difficulty mid-show.  Only a couple of minutes of Bob’s fine pontification was lost, … Continue reading

Half Ashed Episode 077: Casa Fernandez 35th

casa fernandez 35th

I apologize for the terribly late post this week, everyone. I had a family funeral to attend that required some travel to Tennessee. So, we’ll have TWO episodes post this week. First up is Ep 077, featuring the Casa Fernandez 35th Aniversario. Tune in to hear Craig reneg on every negative thing he’s ever had to say about CF. In the news, we had a couple of industry personnel shake-ups to talk over, as well as stories from My Father, The Cigarmy (pipe reviews are live!), and CAO.  As always, we also covered what we’ve been smoking, and listener email. Next episode will feature Bob McDuffee as our special guest – he sits in with Craig for Episode 078.  So be sure to check in on the … Continue reading

Half Ashed Episode 076: Monsdale

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Welcome to Episode 076 of Half Ashed, featuring the Monsdale as our Cigar of the Week.  I happen to be a complete neophyte with this cigar, but Craig described it beforehand thusly: The LCDH at “Club Havana” in the Miramar region of Havana provides a house rolled cigar blended by Enrique Mons. His “monsdale” was his lonsdale vitola. A beautifully flavorful cigar when “on”, these samples are from 2006 and are over the hill in my opinion. We shall see this evening… I am primarily including them this evening because of their interplay of sweet & sour flavors that kip has commented on multiple times. They range from the sweetness of cream & sugar to the contrasting bitters of espresso, cocoa & tart fruit. So, … Continue reading

Half Ashed Episode 075: Unbanded 016

Unbanded #016

Greetings, everyone.  Welcome to another episode of Half Ashed.  This week, we’re smoking Unbanded #016, supplied by Jacob Pinkas (thank you, Jacob!).  Here are a few details from the show…. 1.) We have a forum again!  We are up and fully functional….a single sign-on for the website, chat, and forum, and full Tapatalk integration.  Feel free to jump over and leave some chatter! 2.) This week’s news items included stories from Tatuaje concerning the next TWO years’ Monster releases, Viaje’s “Collaboration Series,” Torano, AJ Fernandez, Sotolongo Cigars, GAR and an interesting new program from Tobacconist University. 3.) Of course, we covered what we’ve been enjoying – or NOT enjoying – in and with the world of cigars this week. 4.) We wrapped up with a listener … Continue reading

Half Ashed Episode 074: Tatuaje Tattoo Caballeros

tatuaje tattoo caballeros

Good evening, folks.  Welcome back for another exciting – albeit audio-challenged episode of Half Ashed.  This week, we had some difficulty in getting Craig into the hangout, but we managed via his handy dandy iPhone (hence the peculiar sound).  Our Cigar of the Week was the Tatuaje Tattoo Caballeros, so tune in to get our thoughts on this recently released budget-friendly Tatuaje.  In the news, we covered items from Hirochi Robaina, Casa Fernandez, Toraño, RoMa Craft, and AJ Fernandez.  Of course, we also discussed what we’ve been smoking and a couple of other minor items in the course of this abbreviated show (one hour vs. our normal two).  So, you’re invited to fire up, kick back and enjoy! Next week, we will be returning to … Continue reading