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Google Minus

Post by 815DC » Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:27 pm

So I got an email informing me that 'Personal' Google + is going bye bye. As I understood- it seemed to be talking mostly about the personal page parts of it and I have no clue how it will impact Hangouts etc... I bring it up because google hangouts has been the base for many podcasts including Half Ashed. I admit to just browsing the email quickly so maybe someone with more knowledge can assist.

Any ideas?

PS: On the upside it may spike forum activity as cigar smokers who use G+ look to find another outlet to share and connect. Or at least bring back people who don't post. Andex, Chubno, Officer Paul, etc...
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Re: Google Minus

Post by Kip » Mon Feb 04, 2019 5:48 am

Google+ as a social network is going away. They will retain some of its (weak) business uses (enterprise apps w/project sharing, etc. - most of which are paid-for apps). The platform never amounted to much in view of the other social network platforms anyway. It just never seemed to fit in, nor have the development it needed to take off.

Hangouts is going through a massive overhaul this year as well, but it's always been veritable revolving door of features and methods to accomplish using it. Every time we settle in to "the way things work" with Hangouts, they mix it up and change the process. We're used to it at this point.
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