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Re: Musical Mayhem

Post by Stewmuse » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:10 am

kurtdesign1 wrote:
Stewmuse wrote:
kurtdesign1 wrote:Oh, mike. She's absolutely adorable. You're in trouble when playing music with dad isn't as much fun for her as it is now. Soak it up.
Oh, we've begun mild versions of psychosis-inducing drugs and male aversion therapies, already. By the time she's twelve, no one will want anything to do with her, and vice-versa.
All kidding aside, I've wondered if the push back people apply to young girls impacts their ability to properly interact within relationships later in life. This sounds, perhaps, as the most bro-ish and sexist thing I've ever said, but I swear the intent is more keying to focus on how we can accidentally impact a young person's ability to use logic and reason within inter gender relationships. I've always been a firm believer in being proactive and not reactive. Teaching proper judgment seems very pro, and instilling a need to withdraw very reactive, on the part of one's father. Absolutely no offense intended here, either. Merely an open comment for rebuttal. :)
I can only speak for my own situation, but we don't really have any specific fears, yet. Our daughter is very independent of thought and stands her ground pretty readily, always eager to let me know, anyway, when I'm not behaving "correctly" or pointing out when someone has done somethng uncool. She'll be able to handle most situations as they occur, I am sure. We will provide guidance, of course, and will prevent her from doing activities which we find to be risky (socially or physically), but she seems to be pretty socially aware to this date.
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Re: Musical Mayhem

Post by Kip » Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:39 am

For my money, Etta James was one of the most talented vocalists in recorded history. She doesn't get the credit she deserves for versatility, as everyone thinks of her music as being within a particular style, but I've been listening to a lot of her tunes lately and I am consistently amazed at her ability. She had the ability to soothe, motivate, relax, whatever you need you can find in her voice. I dig it, despite my young metal tendencies. Cool stuff.
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