Smoking multiple cigars in an evening

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Re: Smoking multiple cigars in an evening

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Ok. Well thanks for the advice.

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I apologize for being so tardy to this discussion but returning from Colorado and then playing catch up at home and work has made my jaunts onto Half Ashed only partially productive these past days. Hey, that could be anothe rname for Half Ashed...

I think my palate is more pollutable than others. I can remember smoking cigars when I began and not even being able to make it through one without the process becoming acrid and unenjoyable. My biggest solution was to cleanse DURING the first cigar. It's one of the ways I developed an affinity for my Rum and Club Soda habit of late. Something effervescent seems most effective while smoking and taking regular sips on top of that. Puff, exhale, sip. Puff, exhale, sip. It becomes part of your cadence to help spread out your puffs to maintain a cigar that isn't overheated or heavily polluting.

A clean palate is from a few things. Go in clean, keep it clean, prevent what you're smoking from being unclean. Don't eat french onion soup or over easy eggs before smoking. Drink regularly and with club soda, don't touch up, puff often or totally light the cigar with it in your mouth. Do these things and you'll find you may not need to cleanse between cogars with much mor ethan some of that water you had been drinking.

A caveat. I find my smelling capabilities often diminish after I've started smoking. Taking a short break in clean air is probably helpful to "rinse" out your sinuses and help with the olfactory (sp?) functionality. I don't recommend an actual rinse or anything, just a good ol refreshing deep breath outside.

Yes man, To maintain a clean palate while smoking cigars we should follow this steps:

-Sip something effervescent like rum and club soda while smoking.
-Avoid foods with strong flavors or residual oils before smoking.
-Stay hydrated and drink club soda regularly.
-Pace yourself to prevent overheating and excessive smoke.
-Take short breaks outdoors to refresh your sense of smell.

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