Your Co-Hosts

Kip Fisher

Kip Fisher bio picI’m just a guy who has what some naysayers might be led to call an unnatural obsession with the divine herb we know as tobacco. I began smoking cigars in late 1994, and pipes soon afterward. I have shifted focus back and forth over the years, not willing to declare once and for all which I prefer. I enjoy both immensely. I was a dabbler for many years, only truly diving into the hobby fully for the past decade. In that time, I’ve amassed a somewhat sizable selection of pipes, vintage tobaccos, accessories and to a lesser degree cigars…I have trouble resisting the urge to smoke cigars up before they’ve properly aged for any amount of time, but I have managed to keep a few around.

To a much greater degree than Craig, I’m “That Guy” who loves to walk into a cigar shop and ask “What’s new?” While I highly value the advice of a good tobacconist, I don’t mind giving something a try for myself to decide whether or not it’s worthwhile for me. I try most any new cigar or pipe blend I can get my hands on. There are certainly plenty of flops, fails and duds to be found; by the same token, there are many unknown gems out there too! This has given me the opportunity to sample a considerable number of makes and marques, and provides me a solid – but evolving – rotation of regular smokes, complemented by many new brands as well. I don’t consider myself an expert, but rather a well-seasoned neophyte; always looking and learning. I love the chase. The journey deeper into this hobby we all love. I even love that with each new facet of tobacco I learn, I have a greater understanding of what I don’t know. It gives me the piece of the puzzle or portion of trail to follow. I dig it.

I founded The Cigarmy back in 2011, and co-founded Half Ashed with Craig in February 2013. As of October 2014, we consolidated the two and now my full focus is here on Half Ashed. You can find me each Friday night at 9:30pm EST recording the show (join us for live streaming video and chatroom, where you can interact with the show), on our forum, or by dropping me a line to [email protected]. Thanks for coming by and hanging out!

Craig Schneider

Craig Schneider bio picHello cyber cigar world. Over the next however many years I’ll be part of the hosting tandem that is the Half Ashed Cigar Podcast. My name is Craig Schneider and I am what you’d call the “color” commentator of our show. You’ll quickly realize that I have no format, no form, no skill really, just the uninhibited passion of a man and his love for cigars. You’ll also learn to listen to what I mean rather than just hearing what I say. I’m sure I’ll open a few eyes and perhaps even teach a thing or two. Most of all I think you’ll enjoy the ride that we’ll be on together.

If I sound vaguely familiar or if my drawn out rants have put you to sleep in the past, it was likely during an episode of Dogwatch Cigar Radio (formerly Dogwatch Social Club) where I guest hosted over 75 occasions. Through my experiences on Dogwatch I not only gained an appreciation for the media but was lucky enough to meet my brilliant co-host, Kip Fisher. One thing you’ll learn about me is that I appreciate, but do not frequent, the internet cigar world. Nearly 15 years ago I was part of the first generation of cigar smokers to branch out into the World Wide Web and have since whittled down my intake to only the best and brightest of the internet cigar blogs/boards. High on that list was The Cigarmy. What was initially Kip’s humble cigar blog went on to become one of the best resources for objective, non-pretentious reviews of new and boutique cigars. That, along with our multiple opportunities to host Dogwatch together, made my mind up that partnering with him was not just a goal but a necessity.

I was raised to be a patriotic American and naturally became an adult who expresses that patriotism through foreign appreciation. I am passionate about not being an ass. Whether I’m picking up litter in a parking lot or turning down the music in my car at a stop light, I try to be aware that through respect, the people around us know they are appreciated.

I am a sustainable home builder and architect by day and an infatuated husband and father by night. I love my life. I love my wife. And I’m happy to be here with you all. I prefer my cigars aged and their profile to be slightly sweet and bready. The best cigar I’ve ever smoked was a Don Candido or a Partagas 150. I’ve smoked probably 50 perfect cigars in my life and I hope that every next one I light up will be the 51st. There’s nothing quite like it. Good night everybody, and thanks for listening.