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I was fortunate enough to receive some JC Newman samples at IPCPR, and will be reviewing the upcoming Perla del Mar in the near future.  I thought I’d pass along a little info from them today – from the Newman News:

New Product Alert: Perla del Mar from JC Newmanjc newman perla del mar

Unlike many of the brands in J.C. Newman’s current portfolio, Perla del Mar was not one of Julius Caeser’s original brands. This brand actually came to us through Eric Newman’s love of cigar label art. The label was unique to others in his collection and he liked it so much that he looked into registering the brand for later use.   Originally a Cuban cigar, the label has had many different looks over the years. The design that appealed to Eric and that we decided to use as our inspiration came from the German Collection.

Originally printed by Klingenberg, the registration number is dated from 1945-1948. There are 23k gold medallions and embellishments with a small black and white scene of Havana harbor. Embellished with embossed gold medallions and lettering, almost exclusively a label with mostly words, was typical of labels printed for Cuban brands at the end of World War II by Klingenberg.

Today, Perla del Mar is a line of exquisite box pressed Nicaraguan cigars featuring a silky Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. Made in the same boutique factory, Fabrica de Tabacos San Rafael S.A., which produces the highly rated Brick House and El Baton cigars, Perla del Mar offers a diverse blend of 100% Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos.

The filler and binder tobaccos have been selected from four different distinct regions in Nicaragua; Pueblo Nuevo, La Reina, Condega and Jalapa. When paired with the mild, creamy shade wrapper, this mixture provides a lighter, fresher flavor with the depth of flavor and complexities cigar smokers have come to enjoy in Nicaraguan tobacco. Keeping with the harbor design, Perla del Mar’s vitola names were inspired by the grading system of oysters. Both Perla del Mar cigars and oysters come in four sizes, oysters are divided into  Petit, Moyen, Grand, Trés Grand which led us to our vitola names, Perla P, Perla M, Perla G and Perla TG.   We hope to start shipping Perla del Mar to retailers nationwide within the next few weeks so keep your eye on the shelves at your local shop. When you get a chance to test them out, let us know what you think.

 For more information on JC Newman Cigars, visit their website

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